360 marketing campaign for a Flavoured drink brand


The Sparwasser brand has been in existence for over 20 years and despite being in the market the brand has suffered low awareness and conversion. The sparkling flavoured drink has two new variants; the Chapman and red apple.


Make a 360 campaign to create awareness that will lead to conversion for Sparwasser Sparkling Flavoured Drink. They want to make people have fun and stay healthy while at it. They want to be funny, playful and fun.


After conducting research, the results showed that our target audience wasn't vibing with the current packaging and the current logo wasn't looking playful or fun like they wanted.

Logo: we stuck with a wordmark since we are pushing awareness. A rounded font was used to depict the fun and playful vibe as well the colours yellow and red.

Packaging: the idea was to engage customers with it. For every Sparwasser bottle, you get a game of charades as well as a jigsaw puzzle(incentives to be won upon completion).

Merch: they will be used to engage wholesalers. Essentially, we will be using them to encourage them to push the brand and also to whip up middleman loyalty.

Website: Finding a distributor was difficult, it was also difficult to become a distributor because they had no online presence. The website was built to solve these problems as well as show their products.

Print ad: The apple sparkling flavoured drink presented a good opportunity to be funny. Thinking about it reminded us of the Adam and Eve story. What if Adam had run away instead of taking the apple from Eve? The image shows a man running away from a woman carrying the Sparwasser bottle in a garden. He's running away thinking it's an apple but "it's not an apple, it's just Sparwasser".