My process

First, How will I be able to bring your ideas to like, even if it's not clear to you yet? There are 4 steps:

Discovery: This is where we will talk about what you are trying to do, your target audience, your business goals, look and feel, etc.

Moodboard development: This is the most important part. At the end of our discovery sessions, we would end up with different keywords. I will have to convert these words to images so that I can make sure that we are thinking the same thing visually. If you say "playful" for example, there are different visual interpretations of that word. I will place these different interpretations on a moodboard and ask which one you meant when you used the word. One important thing to note is that once you approve a moodboard, it means you are happy to take any design that is similar to what is on that moodboard.

Conceptualising: You will get 2-4 designs to choose from.

Delivery: All the files you will ever require will be sent to you